• Production

    Electrode- & Wire errosion, Milling, Turning, Grinding och Assemby.
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    Quality & Environment

    Mora Tool are certified to ISO 9001:2008.
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    Mora Tool

    Mora Tool is a long-established and stable tool company founded in Mora in 1971. The current owner took over the company
    1 January 2012 and leads the company along with the staff into the future with respect for Mora Tools’ history of customer focus and always delivering tools and subcontracted components of the highest quality

    Mora Tool is the tooling- & contracts company with the knowledge and resources for the design and production of modern and efficient Progression, Trimmings, Shape and Bending tools

    We work with subcontracting in Wire- & Die Electrical discharge machining, milling, turning and grinding. Production of special machines and fixtures for welding and measurement.

    Your problems and requirements, we regard as a challenge and development for our company. We have extensive experience of effective design solutions, whether it is simple or complex tooling / or advanced subcontracted produced precision parts. You get access to our extensive experience, expertise and Resources. We work with precisions down to 5000 parts equivalent to splitting a hair 10 times.

    Contact Mora Tool already at the drawing board stage before the actual construction work begins. The sooner we come into the picture, the greater the chances of finding optimal solutions. The tools can be designed with more built-in advantages that simplifies after machining and assembly.

    The market and our own requirements for quality and precision has led us to invest in the latest technology with the latest machinery and suitable premises.

    We are used to working with short delivery schedules. Here at Mora Tool are our Resources at your disposal.

    You are welcome to become part of Mora Tool.