• Production

    Mora Tool is the obvious partner when it comes to tools, machining, development and service in the industry.

    Mora Tool is always aiming to be a complete supplier to our customers. We want to be a part of your business and your success.

    Mora Tool has the knowledge, staff, opportunities and machines to help you. We do this regardless of whether it involves the development or manufacture of tools, advanced manufacturing parts in small and large series. You can also get a complete service of all your tools in your production. To cooperate with Mora Tool gives you the knowledge and cost effectiveness where we keep the whole process. From your first telephone call to the completed delivery from us to you.

    Design and manufacturing

    Mora Tools main service and a cornerstone of the business is the design and development of the model and drawings for the production of tools. At Mora Tool you will find an engineering capability characterized by a comprehensive know-how, extensive experience and expertise combined with a wealth of expertise in the use of modern CAD systems (see our list of machinery).

    Our construction solutions are also influenced by many years of working with different tools in series production and with extensive experience of tool manufacturing.


    Pure sub-contracting or repeat manufacturing with completed design documents are also services that Mora Tool offers its customers. With well equipped and large machinery, Mora Tool can perform both numerically and manually controlled cutting processes with emphasis on the wire and die-sinking EDM and for many years also high-speed milling (five-axis)

    Press tools for sheet metal part to the automotive industry.

    Moulding tools for rubber detail to the automotive industry.

    Brackets for cable trays manufactured in tools and plastic parts manufactured in tools from Mora Tool.

    Sheet metal strip showing the steps of a progression tool made by Mora Tool.