• » Last day at the technical fair “Teknikmässan” 2016 i Borlänge

    Now I have just finished to my last lecture in front of from my point of view a completely impressive group of youth’s in eight’s grade. To have 20 eight graders sitting and listening to me and showing interest in the technical profession makes me very happy. This is exactly what Swedish Industry needs, they are fearless and without the knowledge that the impossible isn’t impossible.

    Nano scientist Maria Strømme tells about her history and how she and her group manage to invent Upsalit, a substance that’s been fort the last hundred years impossible to invent. Maria Strømmer tells that if she and here science team would have thought that it’s been impossible for the last hundred years they probably wouldn’t have invented Upsalit.  Please check her Wikipedia link below.


    It was also fun to listen to Nassim Al Fakir and how he led a group of engineers thru the questions from the students.

    I feel proud and satisfied with myself after these two days. Perhaps just perhaps I might have manage to inspire som of these youth’s to get in to the toolmaking business and perhaps I just stood in front of some of my future staff or colleges.

    A big thanks to  “Teknikmässan” 2016 and “Framtidsmuseet” that you that it was worth having me there as a speaker and many thanks to all your youngsters that came and listened to me.

    Now I’m going to transport myself from Borlänge to Falun the same way youth’s do, by public transport.