• » New Production Manger in place

    We have the pleasure to welcome Mats Frost to us here at Mora Tool. Mats started his work at Mora Tool the 10th of august 2015.

    Mats is going to work directly with production and related questions.  Tore Ersson who had been been working as site manager since the autumn of 2011 has retired but he will support and introduce Mats in matters and questions regarding his service as production-manager during the fall.

    Mats recently came from Mora armature and FM Mattson also known as Ostor here in Mora. There he worked as a R&D Project Manager and before that as a technical production manager for production and tool shop.

    “Im really looking forward to setting Mats free to work with our production and what we heard and saw during our interview with Mats and his references, Mora Tool it’s staff and customers have a lot to look forward to.

    Welcome to Mora Tool

    / Torbjörn Borgert, Owner, CEO