• When it comes to delivering components with precision we take it with great pride and humility. Mora Tool has always been known to achieve those last tolerances and deliver what the customer expects. What is important for us is to have an understanding of the customer’s products so that we can focus on the areas that really need precision so that no unnecessarily expensive process is created. We believe and hope that Mora Tool will be the obvious choice as a subcontractor, now and in the future, as so many of our customers have historically seen us.

    Mora Tool takes care of everything concerning your product as well as tempering, surface treatment, control measurement and welding etc. Regardless of whether or not the methods are available in our house. We can with our contacts and partners in Mora, Sweden and the rest of the world deliver a complete and finished product to you.

    Mora Tool has the machines and knowledge to meet customer demands for precision and delivery times.